Except for some sandpaper and paint to the trim here and there, the new website is done.  Hope you like it!

   For Fall of this year, I'm working on the follow-up album to 'Combustible' in the nooks and crannies of life while involved with the production, to varying degrees, of four other indie projects, all part time:

   Celtic / Folk / Rock crossover artist and very gifted singer / songwriter Christina Duane;

   Equally gifted singer / songwriter Xisco Ponce, whose music sort of defies description, but if you think "Seal" you're on the right track;

   A Joe Pass - style accompaniment / arrangement of a Christmas tune for violinist extraordinaire Kyle Dilingham, to be on his Christmas release this year, and lastly:

   A collaboaration of two more songs for the award-winning European spatial guitar fusion indie, Mind Movie (my writing and playing is on three tunes of the current album, "Happiness and Tears").

   And at some point, I'll be returning to work on my first String Quartet (one of my alter-egos is an orchestrator), to be performed by an amazing outfit in the SF Bay area, led by the amazing Cellist Leighton Fong.  I had the honor and good fortune of having Leighton play 1st Cello on my first symphony, "Three of a Kind"...hopefully the first symphony of many.  I'm constantly amazed at how fortunate I am to be involved with the creation of music and the honor of doing that with such talented people!

   The fanbase continues to grow at numberonemusic as well as at Jango and I just discovered I have aout 800 fans over at reverbnation who I need to go say hello to, if I can figure out how.  All told there are several thousand now, but the mailing lists are scattered around, so if you can take a moment and PLEASE sign the mailing list here, you'll help me consolidate things, simplifying my life so I can concentrate more on what we all want:  Making MORE MUSIC!

THANK YOU for your continued interest and support, and remember...I'm always open to more students!